MFM Cells Pompey music

Jailhouse Rock: Adrian Palmer (Pompey) and Nicola Jayne Ingram (Abhorson) in the 2016 production of Measure for Measure

“Shakespeare is often performed outdoors in the ruins of a castle, but it is a novelty to find it performed inside one. And if the originality of promenade playing is not enough to encourage you to travel to Lancaster, then the reputation of Demi-paradise productions should be…The combination of high calibre performances, skilful direction, complementary choral arrangements and a setting steeped in history is certainly a winner. No wonder tickets sell out so quickly.” (Manchester Evening News)

Othello & Desdemona in Library

Othello: Gabriel Paul (Othello) & Charlotte Dalton (Desdemona)

“I’ve seen Shakespeare played in some unusual venues, but never in a building that is as historic, massive, distinctive and evocative as Lancaster Castle….A total of nine different sites were used, judiciously chosen, ranging from large, multi-level spaces to more intimate spots. This variety, as the audience travelled round to follow the fifteen scenes, highlighted the physical journey through the building imitating the emotional progress of the narrative”. (What’s On Stage)

Benedict Hero Beatrice in Priory Church 2

Much Ado… Richard Hand (Benedict) Lisa Marie Hoctor (Hero ) & Beatrice (Gemma North)

“Once you’ve experienced the plot unravelling in genuine court-rooms, corridors & dungeons it’s hard to imagine it back in a proscenium setting…a theatrical triumph!” (Blackpool Evening Gazette)

Richard III

Richard III: CP Hallam (Buckingham) & Howard Chadwick (Richard)

“What made the performance so magical were the setting and the intimacy of the experience as the barrier between cast and audience moved from narrow to non-existent…it all gave me the feeling of being in a play within a play as if the audience was part of the performance rather than just watching it.” (Morecambe Visitor)


Measure: Marc Goodall (Lucio) and Orla Cottingham (Mistress Overdone) in Crown Court

Mention must also be made of the music that punctuated the action. Entirely sung and played by the cast, it accompanied us as we moved between the different locations in the Castle, adding to and complementing the intensity of the plot, highlighting the dramatic tension and focusing the mind as it pondered the continuing struggle between good and evil….(Virtual Lancaster)

MoV Antonio & Bassanio medium

Merchant of Venice: Arthur Bostrom (Antonio) & Richard Hand (Bassanio)

“You’re seldom likely to experience anything quite so astonishingly authentic…it all comes close to a sensory experience. It’s to be hoped Demi-paradise can keep coaxing these performances out of the star of the show – the castle itself ” (Lancashire Evening Post)

Damien WS as Hamlet

Damien Warren-Smith as Hamlet

“I could go on at length about the music, admirable acting and deft direction, but whatever I say would not do it justice…for all round magic this was unbeatable.” (Lancaster Citizen)


MacBeth: Helen Kay (Lady Macbeth) & Simeon Truby (Macbeth)

“One of those theatre experiences that actually deserves the publicity line ‘Not to be missed’” (North West Evening Mail)


Gabriel Paul (Othello) and Chris Lindon (Iago)